Data gathering process

Our entire data collection process represents a unique combination of tools and sources to attain exceptional healthcare market insights and transform them into actionable strategy for our clients.

On top of dedicated data-bases, GBU Healthcare work together with leading healthcare organizations, governmental institutions and specialized partners, sensibly selected to create an excep-tional data network flow.

"We are able to interact directly with a community of 500,000 users be it consumers, patients, doctors and hospitals, to tailor any type of survey or interaction needed."

With such an extensive platform of resources we are capable to interface across the MENA regions as never one has done before.

Drawing on our holistic healthcare in-flow data GBU collects ongoing key drivers to address these evolving needs providing data analysis services that help clients harness increasingly varied and complex healthcare data sources to make better clinical and commercial decisions, faster and more accurately.

Not a simple profile when it comes to User’s analysis - To truly understand who is your audience you need to consider every single scenario where action was taken. Different signals, different interactions can ultimately give a precise direction when exploring users’ profiles.


Healthcare Data Gathering Process
Healthcare Data Gathering Process
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