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GBU Healthcare is a market intelligence division of Global Business Union that focuses solely on healthcare, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries in emerging markets

We provide tailored solutions for companies seeking data to optimize their market access across MENA regions. Our in-house platform of resources allows us to provide clients with comprehensive and customized market analyses, through qualitative and quantitative, primary and secondary researches. Overall, a specialized team of business consultants brings the entire data elaboration process to the top level by pairing a solid expertise in healthcare with a hands-on strategy in action on the field.

Trough flexibility and customization, our projects are specifically tailored for each and every company we work with. We pride ourselves for providing the highest comprehensive data elaboration.


"As pioneers in the healthcare market intelligence, we recognize the value of data for leading players. Converting signals from the market to guide clients’ strategic and tactical planning into concrete action. When our insights become advantage GBU has accomplished its objective".

Our Culture

These days more than ever, to be able to respond to environment changes, accuracy and promptness are core to become a key player. Healthcare service and product providers firms have been going through a hard period with superseded methods of delivering services to consumers without a precise direction. This is tough to overcome with strong international competition growing rapidly. An in depth understanding of market insight dynamics among cultural, habits, uses, and traditions represents the real added value that make the difference when it comes uncovering new opportunities in emerging markets.

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