With so many impulses affecting the evolution of the pharmaceutical industry in such competitive markets, the strict and expensive guidelines to introduce new and innovative products and the medical uncertainty of regulatory policies, pharmaceutical companies must constantly be informed of innovation and evolutions.

Our aim is to provide a holistic approach to the market insight not only analyzing clear signs from the targeted market, but also supporting interaction with current and potential customers. Corporations invest resources constantly to create the new best miracle drug require significant insight from the pharmaceutical audience to attain a positive and strategic ROI.

Increasing prevalence of lifestyle – Lifestyle related diseases, increasing chronic diseases have widened the demand for aimed and customized pharmaceutical products to address individual symptoms. This demand has enabled consumers to access information through online channels to find the best solution to their needs.

Improving healthcare delivery systems - An expansion in medical infrastructures and greater penetration of health insurance has forced improvements in the healthcare system also with the help of data mining technology, which has allowed firms to be pioneers in many of today’s leading products for diseases and illnesses.

Pharma consumers analytics - GBU has the cutting edge advantage expertise over its competitors which, through analytical consumer data, can help disclose hidden tendencies on preferred pharma services, drug utilization, disease management, purchase behavior, treatment decisions, adopted for each geographical area in Middle East North Africa .

International exposure - Seeking international partnerships and navigating local challenges require designated introduction models when expanding presence abroad. Bridging country experts with an rounded view of the pharma scenario by connecting patient, prescriber and payer activities is fundamental.

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