MENA markets have gone through a newly discovered focus on public healthcare and its importance due to the rising income and literacy levels, as well as demographic trends common to most other countries such as population growth and the increased life expectancy.

As one of the fastest growing, this industry is projected to face an increased necessity to address the aging population, specifically the baby boom generation, coupled with the increased incidence of chronic and lifestyle diseases. The latter include diabetes, cardiovascular conditions, asthma and, open the market to new services. The existing healthcare infrastructure in the MENA region is not adequate to satisfy the current demand.

Insights on healthcare consumers can provide a consistent advantage triggering awareness on the changes and allowing to anticipate progress. To deliver a better value to customers these days healthcare service providers are required to be proactive to reach new patients on an international scale.

A unique and flexible medical treatment - The variety of local and international patients are increasingly demanding for a more personalized approach for care compared to the one size fits all approach used in the past.

Patient-centered Healthcare Analytics - Reliable Patient data becomes core in understanding their needs, tastes and behavior to customize and create a unique service. Business intelligence is vital to recognize and connect patient features to demographics and treatments available.

Brand awareness - The value of healthcare company's brand in this new environment determines service efficiency and customer experience. Hospitals and clinics have been known to be pioneers in this field but the internet platform growth connects global needs to one unique name.

On-line Marketing presence - It is now no longer sufficient for patients rely solely on local medical personnel; The new wave of technology is used as a platform to communicate and gather clearer, new perceptions. Patients are attracted to reliable (web) facilities and an extended knowledge of health resources can generate the connection with patients looking for a specific product.

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