In today’s market cosmetics has undergone an intense change of the population tendencies. Trends driving the industry are geared towards aging, male grooming, natural cosmetics, and an increased awareness for all natural ingredients and the creation of multi-functional products. All these basics have result in a more responsive and demanding consumer.

Cosmetics products are going through a wide range of changes internally and externally based on the demands of customers and dynamic market environment. In a high competitive arena as the cosmetic, managing the life products cycle is a challenge when no representative data are available from emerging markets. Collecting insights from precise target market able to respond to your product becomes at this point real gambling.

Biomedical progress – The cosmetic industry is experiencing the convergence of biotech, medical and other technologies that will raise the demand for customized and health beneficial products. A tangible support for international companies in their adaptation to local environment, both in terms consumers profile and cultural requirements as well as sharing its analytics on the peculiar resident dynamics becomes core when elaborating data into a reliable framework.

On line tools - Increasing focus on the development stage and on IT through the use of online powerful tools blogs and communities. The cosmetics industry has become more diverse with the assistance of the internet platform, many of today’s customers are able to access products in the past unattainable. With high expectations, cosmetic companies are interested in widely expanding and creating looks and feels that are unique and segmented into specific niches that are grounds to cater people from all backgrounds and countries.

Marketing strategy - Consumers’ knowledge increases, ads that highlight R&D and advanced ingredients rather than images will be the most appealing if conveyed to the right niche. A clear direction of the marketing efforts provides adequate support to line up different targets for different products toward upcoming necessities of a fast surfacing cosmetic industry

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